7 Rules of Gym Etiquette That You Need to Know Now

Whether you are a gym newbie who still managed to keep up with your fitness regimen after your impulsive gym sign-up at New Years, or that you are a fitness veteran who sees regular workouts as a lifestyle, at some point in our lives we have frowned upon some social faux pas committed by our fellow gym-goers.

We’ve all been there – there’s always someone who treats the gym as their personal phone booth or uses hair dryers to blow dry elsewhere on their body aside from their hair on their head. As we release our disgust through an angry social media post about our experience, we began to wonder if we may have accidentally violated any protocol at the gym.

Don’t sweat it, here are the 7 most common and aggravating gym missteps, according to fitness gurus Louis Doctrove, lead trainer at Topfit and Janet Wahlquist, the head personal trainer at Fitness Compass. Read on to see if you are guilty of any of these seven maddening gym traits.


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